Neighbourhood Planning

Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result


Thank you to all those who voted in the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum on 27th  October.


The Referendum returned a resounding ‘yes’ vote in support of the Plan, with 96% of voters voting in its favour.


In total 578 votes were cast:  555 for ‘yes’, and 23 for ‘no’, representing a 34% turnout rate (higher than that for the other elections taking place within the District on that day).



The Plan will now be formally adopted (`made’) by Lewes District Council and will become a material consideration when planning officers review planning applications within the Parish.

Voting at the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - 27 Oct 16

Information about voting at the Neighbourhood Plan referendum may be found at:cheap rolex replica

If you will be away from home on the 27th and wish to vote by post or you wish to vote by proxy then you will have to complete an application form if you are not fake rolex already registered to vote by post or proxy. Applications for Postal Votes must be received by LDC by 5.00 pm 12th October and applications for Proxy Votes by 5.00 pm 17th October. Please contact or 01273 471600 for Application Forms.

Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – 27 October 2016

A referendum on the Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan will be held on Thursday, 27 October 2016 and conducted in accordance with procedures similar to those used at local government elections.

The referendum question will be as follows:

‘Do you want Lewes District Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Wivelsfield Parish to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

For Wivelsfield, the neighbourhood area is the entire parish and is the same as the referendum area.  Voting for the referendum will take place at Wivelsfield Village Hall and all those on the electoral register for the Parish will be eligible to vote.

More information about the referendum and Neighbourhood Plan can be found in the Information Statement and the specified documents on the Lewes District Council (LDC) Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan webpage. They can also be viewed in hard copy at the LDC offices at Southover House, Southover Road, Lewes, BN7 1AB from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Information about voting may be found at elsfield_Neighbourhood_Plan_Referendum_Voting_Information_for_Referendum.pdf 

Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan Examination - Outcome

Thanks to everyone that submitted comments on the Regulation 16 consultation for the Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan.

 The plan was submitted to the examiner to determine whether it meets the basic conditions and should proceed to referendum.

 The examiner has determined that, subject to modifications, the Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan does meet these conditions and may proceed to a referendum. The Examiner’s Report is now available to view on the Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan webpage 

Lewes District Council and Wivelsfield Parish Council will now decide what action to take in light of the proposed modifications and whether to proceed to Referendum. A decision statement will be published in due course stating Lewes District Councils response.

Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan Examination Hearing

The examiner conducting the examination into the Wivelsfield Neighbourhood Plan has decided to hold a hearing at 10am on 9 May 2016 at the Church Hall, Wivelsfield. Further details of the hearing, including the matters that will be discussed on the day, can be found in the agenda . A link to a Local Green Spaces map is available to assist in the discussion.

Please note - the hearing is an open meeting for all to attend (as per the letter below), although participation will be limited to those who have specifically been invited to attend by the examiner. 

Examination Hearing Letter

Neighbourhood Plan Update - 8 February 2016 

Regulation 16 Public Consultation

Wivelsfield Parish Council has submitted their Neighbourhood Plan and related documents to Lewes District Council under Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.  The Neighbourhood Plan, and other submission documents, are now available for a 6 week representation period (Regulation 16) between:

Monday 8th February and 5pm Monday 21st March 2016

Further details, including how to make a representation, can be found along with the submission documents and Regulation 16 Public Notice at the link below. Representations can be sent to the following email address –

 Following the Regulation 16 consultation, the Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to an independent examiner who will determine whether the Plan meets the Basic Conditions.  

 Strategic Policy

Lewes District Council

Neighbourhood Plan Update – 1st February 2016


Wivelsfield Parish Council has submitted the Wivelsfield Parish Neighbourhood Plan plus supporting documents to Lewes District Council.


The documents below can be viewed on the following website:-


- Email from I Dawson, Chairman Wivelsfield Parish Council to E Sheath, LDC submitting the Neighbourhood Plan

- Email response from E Sheath acknowledging receipt of Neighbourhood Plan

- Neighbourhood Plan submission

- Basic Conditions Statement

- Consultation Statement

- Sustainability Appraisal incorporating a Strategic Environmental Assessment

- Site Assessment Report


I Dawson

Chairman, Wivelsfield Parish Council


All the background and supporting documents to the Plan, photographs, project plans, meeting minutes, etc. can also be found on:-



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